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You’re their hero!  
So far this year, you've already made an AMAZING impact in the lives of our kids.
On any given day, you hear people complaining about “young people these days...”  In fact, it’s not unusual to hear youth and irresponsibility linked.  In light of this, I’m excited to share with you that 91% of our campers reported that they’ve become more responsible because of Moorelands Camp. 
You made this possible!
Take a look inside our Fall echo newsletter to learn more about how much good your gifts to Moorelands can do.
Sara, age 12, told us: The only chance I get to swim is at camp, and I love it so much! The water is amazing!” Take a look at just how much good your gifts to Moorelands' Send a Kid to Camp campaign can do! 
Thank you to all of the guests, sponsors, donors, volunteers and staff who made the Starry Summer Night Bash 2017 an unforgettable event that sent 102 kids to Moorelands Camp! Learn more about this fantastic event in support of Moorelands Camp.
Before Sabina came to Moorelands Youth LED program, Sabina struggled with confidence and didn't want to go to school. Read her story to learn how the program has helped her thrive both socially and academically. See how you can support kids in need.
Moorelands' after-school programs return this fall! Kids growing up in poverty face many challenges. Read about how your support of our BLAST, Youth LED & VITAL programs set them up to succeed.
Alumni Reunion Day at Camp was a huge success! We got the chance to catch up with alumni from the 1950s through to now and hear their stories. Here, two camper sisters from 1960s, Christine and Carol, share their memories of their time at Moorelands Camp.
Get to know other donors like you! Peter and Marg Anne Jones are members of our Century Club - meaning they've supported Moorelands for more than 20 years! Read their story and see why they continue to believe in and support Moorelands' kids.
Thank you for helping us help kids!

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